So we had the first Local Flavors Concert : humanitarianism through music, hosted by Sociology and Anthropology Class of 2012 held on Saturday 7/4/2012 which took place at The Core Residential Hostel, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The invited artists and bands were Zul Faden, Fakhrul Razi, Juju, Dayat, 5.10am, Edabrig, Hans Anwar and Ina. The concert also featured UBD's own fresh new talents such as Erne, Erwan, Ham and Aqil and also a lecturer, Wan Zawawi to sing in the concert. The concert was hosted by our very own Deejays, Jaz and Maxine. 

The Sociology Class of 2012 with some of the artist for the
UBDFM's Local Flavours.
Hans Anuar kick started the show with 'Bersyukur' and 'Hargailah Dunia Kita'. 
Fakrul Razi acoustic version of  'Salahkah Aku' and Dayat's rendition of his single 'Namun' and 'What if' were very touching and shook some of the audiences to their core up to a point some of them actually teared up. Fakhrul also gave us a sneak peek of his new single. Humanitarism according to Farkhrul was something that "comes from within". 

Former Dj of UBDFM, Dj Rara was surprised when 5.10am brought her down to the stage to sing along to their track 'Bintang di Langit Malam'. ZulF and Juju expressed their gratitude with regards to them coming back to UBD for the performance as both of them are alumni of the university. Meanwhile, Ina, who is currently studying at UBD, was also glad to be performing in front her UBD audiences. Last but not least, Edabrig's usage of string instruments for their performance was phenomenal. 
The performances by the UBD talents were also 'off the hook'. They were magnificent! 
(who knows~ UBDFM might even showcase some their cover songs on air - especially to those who missed out the concert). This includes, 'The LinaS' ' mash up of  Miley Cyrus's 'the Climb' and Greyson Chance's 'Waiting outside the line'
(singing on behalf of the Sociology-Anthropology class of 2012)

Hosting the event were Dj Jaz and Dj Maxine. As entertaining as they were, they were also SURPRISINGLY funny (which is not something most of us here at UBDFM are accustomed to *joke*). 

On behalf of Sociology Class of 2012 as well as UBDFM, we would like to thank the sponsor for the event, Artly Designs for the wonderful shirts and also to the official supporter for the event,, Ranoadidas and UBDCorp. Special thanks also goes to, Tel Bru, B.Mobile & Cooltones for coming to the event.  

For those of you who were not able to make it on saturday, you missed a great acoustic concert. But lucky for you, we might have it again this September (Insya-Allah). So look out for that! 

LOCAL FLAVOURS is a segment at UBDFM that plays local tracks for 30 minutes for 5 times per day.
This segment is one of the station's initiative to expose the 'local flavours' to Brunei Youth particularly those who are in UBD.