Societal Quest for tonight with Dj Jaz and Dj Khalz is contained with great topic which based on the following questions:
"What are the significances of Popular Culture (TV, Music, Magazine, Theater, etc) in our lives?"
"Lagu/ Filem/ Drama TV apakah yg memberikan impak atau mesej yang bermakna kepada awda dan apakah sebabnya?"

As an introduction to the first question above, the definition of Popular Culture (commonly known as pop culture) is the totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images and other phenomena that are preferred by an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture. This has provided a meaning that something which seems to be known by a society without realising the kinds of characteristics it provides whether it appears good or bad can be considered as a popular culture.

Dj Khalz has also quoted," can be any stuff that are popularised by a society" , which the meaning of it is that anything that a society finds something that is famous such as Korean Pop musics, Angry Birds, 'How I Met Your Mother' series or even 'Pepsi' drink is considered as Popular Culture. It also brings a notion of an impact towards the society and another local example, a song entitled 'I Stalk Your Profile' from Jazz Hayat, which it has already become a nationwide sing-along music. If it is not known, than it is not a popular culture and such song would not be popular without the society realising of its existance. Therefore, popular culture is really vital when it is associated with Mass Media as it is the major way that a society can get access to this kind of phenomenon.

Different form of popular culture
How does popular culture makes an impact in your life?

Dj Jaz also shared his thought on the kind of things (in related to popular culture) that has greatly impacted him. A song from The Maine - Listen To Your Heart - has brought a true message to him as part of the lyric stated that, "...don't listen to your friend, listen to your heart". This has provide a notion to him that any advise comes from you friends, families or neighbours will bring a huge influence to your life and it is up to you to decide on your own and you are the one that can make such decision not for anyone but for your own self, thus, by listening to your heart. Dj khalz said that the way we think follows from your heart and 'structure source' majority comes from mass media. Sociologically speaking, this component of definition can be considered as 'Structuration Theory' and Dj Jaz has also inferred a term called 'Symbolic Interactionism' which he quoted in Malay, "...sesuatu perkara adalah bermula daripada individu itu sendiri, tetapi 'structure' itu yang menghadkan keputusan individu tersebut dalam membuat keputusan di mana ianya menitik beratkan daripada pengalaman dan makna perkara tersebut."

"It teaches us a lesson to deter bad behaviour as examplified by pop culture." - Dj Khalz.

One of our listeners has stated that she agrees to the fact that popular culture does not always bring a negative influence to a society which she quoted in Malay, "Tanpa adanya 'Popular Culture' kita boleh diibaratkan sebagai Katak Di Bawah Tempurung dan tidak semestinya perkara tersebut membawa pengaruh yang buruk padahal ianya boleh membuka minda kita untuk belajar dan menilai apa yang berlaku disekeliling kita."

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