Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Societal Quest for tonight! Dj Jaz and Dj Khalz bringing you a marvelous topic to count for this evening segment (Fakhrul Razi is also here!), entitled, 

"Mass media as a way for the youth to express their identity and personality." 
"Media massa merupakan salah satu cara golongan belia menyuarakan identiti atau personaliti mereka. Apakah pendapat awda tentang ungkapan di atas?"

As an introduction to the question above, Mass Media are tools for the transfer of information, concepts, and ideas to both general and specific audiences. It does not matter what form of media that are used to convey information whether its from a bulky television to a light 'ipad'. The point is mass media is the prominent source that people look to for information. According to tonight's topic, this is widely related to youth in a sense that mass media is a way for youth to express their identity.

Our guest, Fakhrul Razi, has stated that due to the advancement of technology, nowadays people especially the youth are now enjoying musics through 'Youtube' but rarely  from where they used to listen to them from CDs. The ease in which mass media (music) is easily available has made the ways in which youth can choose to express themselves as well as 'nitpick' sources of mass media as a way for them to construct their identity to be more prevalent in the society.

The certain types of Mass Media that
are widely known to people.
One great example is: 'Facebook'. This form of communication has become an important role in one's life as such individual can reach to people anytime and anywhere. Thus, such benefit is considered as a positive effect from Mass Media. Fakhrul has also quoted that Mass Media is an important role in teaching, as it helps people to understand between what is good and bad comes from it.

"Mass Media - It teaches a society to make a choice." - Fakhrul Razi.

"...if you want to present your thought, you have to own that thought, you have to show your identity..." - Fakhrul Razi.

"...you have to take responsible on what you say." - Fakhrul Razi.

"Every media has its own weaknesses and strength" - Fakhrul Razi.

Participants for tonight's discussion were very profound in their views on the above matter. In addition, Fakhrul gave UBDFM a live performance of his unreleased single (which we at UBDFM love) - The Golden Rule. 

We had a great discussion tonight and  we would like to say congratulation to Nabelah Ali and Zaff Zainin for winning 2 movie tickets each sponsored by MVision Cinema, Empire Hotel and Country Club. Stay tune to us for another great segment with more giveaways! 


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