Our Local Artist Tonight: Jazz Hassan feat. Erhyme

Jazz Hassan is an up and coming artist in Brunei who started back in 2008 with a taste for hip hop music. In the music industry he is known as a rapper , a genre quite uncommon and newly ventured in Brunei. 

He is one of the leading rising stars to represent the new direction taken by the music industry, 
genres such as rap , hip hop and R&B that are currently popularizing the industry in these recent years. 

UBDFM listeners had the wonderful opportunity of tuning in to UBDFM for a sneak peak of his single , "Mind Games" featuring Erhyme during the live interview with DJ Fauzul and DJ Zimah. The song played was officially released on the 31st of January 2012, an original piece created by Jazz himself and is already a #1 hit in Malaysia's CATS FM.

Surprisingly both Jazz and Erhyme were quite the talker as they display such confidence and friendliness as they interacted quite playfully with the DJs. Clearly both parties had such an enjoyable time as lots of laughters can be heard during the interview.

Before leaving our station , both Jazz Hassan and Erhyme have shared little jokes and more laughters with the DJs and crews as well as making short conversations. A little quote from Erhyme , "Stay cool"


  1. Hi, I think the one in the picture is Erhyme, not Udi. He wasn't present during the interview.


  2. Hello there, there's a mistake on statement. The song was produced by Udi and Erhyme and lyrics by Erhyme himself.


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