GHOSTS- Are they real ??

Ghost , supernatural being , strange entity , or as DJ Wawa put it , 'hantu' or 'makhluk ghaib'. Are they real? do they exist among us ? Are they here, or just fiction or fake stories made by people just to give a good scare and make the kids scared enough to listen to their advices. Dj Fauzul expresses his sceptic view and disbelief of such things while DJ Wawa shares stories of encounters by her own friends and random stories that she has heard of. Her stories sound especially more mysterious and appealing as tonight is Friday night which is believed by our own people to be a night to be scared of.

The traditional belief is that a ghost is the soul or spirit of someone who died and showed themselves in visible form or other manifestation to the living. Usually they are portrayed as being in misty, airy or subtle form and in often is thought to be seeking for revenge or being tied down to Earth because of the bad things that they did or due to unresolved things when they lived.

There are many types of ghosts all over the world, each as different as the culture from which they each come from. In Brunei some of the popular types of ghosts usually were claimed to be encountered or used in scary stories are pontianak , kalindahau , hantu bungkus and the most infamous is jin. In Islam, jin is associated with 'iblis' and 'syaitan' , all of which are creations of Allah. 

The feedbacks were massive when we asked the listeners if they believe in GHOSTS, and if they have stories or encounters to share. Zimah Ibrahim proudly announced that she believes in ghosts 100% and shared a story about something that happened at a clinic around 10pm , 'i was standing outside the clinic sma my sista.. lpas atuu zimah ternmpk orang memakai baju putih berambut panjaaaaaaaang! zimah tagurkan lah tarus "eh ka! ada org arh ujung ah, ada kaka nampak? tuuuu sana ah!" skali my sister mcm, 'eh kau ani eh! knapa kau tagurkan?' lapas zimah tagurkan zimah liat 'orang' atu naik ke atas bukit yg berdekatan dkwasan sanaa.. udah esoknya zimah demam tarus, mata sebelah kanan zimah pun bengkak seperti kena cucuk pasal ketaguran.. hehe xD sabar sajalah..' 

Raffy Lim seems to incorporate humour in his story as he begins like this ,
'I have a story to share :)) a few years back , during puasa , my friend told me about her mom and sisters' encounter with a strange being. They were walking back from a neighbour's house when all of a sudden , they saw something white near the gate of the neighbour ryte infront of their house. As they came nearer, they realized that the white looking thing was in human shape, wearing a white cloth covering from shoulder to the floor. They were shocked to see the white form soo much that they didn't notice that the humanoid being had a bald head. After calming down and daringly try to go to their house, they realized that the humanoid was actually a real person, Mr. M (bns) who was actually their neighbour :D he was wearing his white garment coz he just came back from prayer~ lol.. thats all ! xD'

There were also overwhelming responses from our twitter followers, mostly comical and in a jokingly manner. The topic ends tonight with some tips Fauzul found from the internet on what to do when you encounter a ghost. Catch DJ Fauzul and DJ Wawa again next Thursday for more stories and topics to come !