EPL Masters Football Brunei Cup 2012 Dinner at Radisson Hotel

Yesterday night, on Wednesday, 18th April 2012, UBD FM Crews had the opportunity to attend the EPL Masters Football Brunei Cup 2012 first welcoming dinner for the arrival of the first batch Masters Legends to Brunei Darussalam. The attendants were consisting of Andy Cole from Manchester United FC, Patrick Berger and Vladimir Smicer from Liverpool FC, and Steve Black from Masters Official. The welcoming dinner which started at 7.30pm and held at Radisson Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan was hosted by RBA (Royal Brunei Airlines) which the event was emceed by Nazry Arif, a representative from the RBA company itself. the guests for the night were also from the winners of RBA's Social Media Polo Competition "EPL Masters Challenge" on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Session with the fans
The function was initially started with a traditional dance performance and followed with a welcoming remark from Mr. Aji Putih, Royal Brunei Airlines Head of Corporate Services. The dinner started with appetizers and the night was entertained with another local dance performance entitled, "Aduk-Aduk".

In addition to make the night lively, the emcee entertained the guests with magic trick in guessing a name. After that, the evening was then followed with main courses of the dinner. Another local dance performance called "Bruneian Joget" held and the EPL Masters were invited to participate with the dance after all the guests were done with the desserts served. Photo session and T-shirt signing was held to mark the end of the function. UBD FM Crews had a splendid night meeting with the Masters Legends and await for another EPL Masters Footballers to come for the next day.

T-shirt Signing Ceremony
Earlier on, the first batch Master Legends arrived to Brunei International Airport at approximately 9.35am and were then transported to Empire Hotel and Country Club. There were a total of six of the EPL Masters members that arrived for the day which they are the Master Legends: Andy Cole, Patrick Berger, Vladimir Smicer and Faustino Asprilla, and Master Officials: Steve Black and Carlos Valbuena. UBD FM sincerely conveys best wishes to the footballers involved for the real kick off event.