Chillin' with Fauzul

Tonight's session we have Fauzul coming in for Bex. We call tonight's session as chillin night with Fauzul. There is only one pertinent reason for that- we ask one random question to our listeners. The question will be related to something that is quite current at the moment. This one involve the comeback of the latest boybands- The Wanted and One Direction.

We asked this random question: Who would you rather date: The Wanted or One Direction?

The Wanted
Brief History:

The Wanted was form in 2009 which consist of five members: Max, Nathan, Jay, Tom and Siva. They first debut their single called 'All Time Low' in 2010 and debuted number one in the UK Chart singles. 

They also debut their song from their second album called 'Glad you came' on The Ellen Degeneres Show and their presence and fame soar. Their single quickly peak into the US chart and became no 1 on itunes.

One Direction
Brief History: 

One Direction was formed back in late 2010 by Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger during X Factor. All of the members- Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis- auditioned for X Factor as a solo artist but they were booted out from the bootcamp. During the X Factor Live show, they came third after Matt Cardle (Winner) and Rebecca Ferguson (Runner-up). Simon Cowell signed them anyway despite not winning the X Factor believing that this could be the biggest boyband comeback.

Their debut single called 'What makes you beautiful' peaked at number one in the UK chart. Recently, they have made history by making the first British-Irish boyband to have their album called 'Up all Night' debuted at number one in the US. They are dubbed as the next Beatles but some argue they could be bigger than the Beatles.

Here is the poll so far as tweeted and posted by our dear listeners:

One Direction: 50

The Wanted: 24

So base on the poll, obviously the One Direction is quite popular amongst the UBDFM listeners. We would love to congratulate @Tabbyteen as well for winning two tickets for the Theatrical production: The Hidden Heart.