Can you survive without your phone for just ONE day?

Have you ever experienced where you went panic when you had a sudden realisation that you had left your phone at home? Have you ever experienced or you know someone who cannot leave their phone even just for a second? There are so many people who just cannot live without their phone. It is a common 21st Century syndrome; it is as if the phone had become a part of their lives.

A little fun fact about tonight's topic. 'Nomophobia' is a fear of not being without phone or fear of losing their phone. 

According to one of the articles, "Cellphone is a remote control for life". We can see the evolution of cellphone in terms of its role. It change from just to communicate with other people on a long distance to a multi-function mobile phone.    Nowadays, the phone became the driving force of your life. If you need to get up from bed, you need to set the alarm on your phone. For some people, it can get way overboard where they uses text messages to break up or in some cases, divorce. Hence, the notion 'Cellphone is our life remote control' is true. Here's the article for review:

Here are some opinions that are shared by our dear listeners from Facebook:

Fahmi Hamdani: 
Probably its because we're now in the modern era or in other word IT Era in which, technologies are used as the source of medium to communicate with each other. It is easy, handy and user friendly compared to home telephone.

To add:
What if people continues to communicate through technologies only? such as in skype, phones etc and less reality meet ups? probably people will forget how to react to people, communication skills will decrease, people will probably also would forget how to talk

Princess Raby also shared with us that having a mobile phone gave such an ease and accessibility. With the current modern technologies being introduced, the accessibility getting even more higher and as it soars, the dependency on mobile phones also high. 

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