Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Societal Quest Segment

Tonight's segment, entitled Societal Quest gives you a whole lot of phenomena, as for now what do you think about this! :D 

"The branded products that you possess and parade around shows your personality and who you are"

AND...here is what our listeners said about it.. 

Amal Kasim  - "I don't think so. Of course people may judge you based on your fashion sense, but there's no need to strut around with branded accessories to show your personality. I personally don't own a lot of those products because I want to show them off to people so that they'll think of me as a cool or up-to-date person. I bought the things because I like the designs or comfort. It's actually goes down to a person's mentality and their approaches to things. I for one certainly don't find people who parade around with expensive products but with sucky personalities."

- "Yes it does! what we feel will definitely be reflected by our actions".

So guys have your say for the next topic next week, same segment brought to you by UBD FM - Your station for the next generation!

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