Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Want to be the next UBDFM DJ and Crew?

Hey hey hey! UBDFM is back for another audition! 

Like said above, if you have the passion or hidden talent that you want to share through UBDFM then it is a right place indeed! It is not just a mere training ground to be a professional but UBDFM enables students to explore and experience hands on marketing, communication and technical discipline.

We welcome Malay and English DJs but if you are multilingual, it's even better! You can add more juice to UBDFM and cater more international listeners. After all, it is a student based organization; so fresh, unique and creative ideas are always welcome. Typically, being a radio jockey is to introduce music, do interviews of guests or artists, give out updates and share information. Whereas being the crew is to man-handle the station through it's technical sides such as the graphics and sounds of UBDFM. On the business terms, UBDFM is also about reaching out to the public and connect with the community! Be it you are undergraduates of Sociology, Communication, Maths, Business or from whichever Major, your knowledge and personality can be of use to UBDFM.

Everyone has potential to be a UBDFM member, so don't hesitate and come to the audition on the upcoming 18th January at the Core. Spread the word and bring your friends along. See you there!


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