MOU between UBD and TelBru

UBD, TelBru sign MoU to improve FM broadcast over Internet

UBD Vice Chancellor DatoPaduka Dr Hj Zulkarnain (L) and TelBru Acting Chief Executive Officer Hj Umar AliHj Abdullah exchanging contracts after the signing ceremony at The Core inUBD.Picture: BT/Yusri Adanan
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and TelBru yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the broadcast of UBD FM over the Internet at The Core in UBD.

UBD Vice Chancellor Dato Paduka Dr Hj Zulkarnain Hj Hanafi and TelBruActing Chief Executive Officer Hj Umar Ali Hj Abdullah signed the agreement before Assistant Vice Chancellor (Corporate and Administration) of UBD Hjh Anis Faudzulani Hj Dzulkiflee and General Manager of TelBru Media and Communications Mohd Reeda Hj Malik.

"One of the projects we have identified is to do with UBD provide them a streaming server locally in Brunei to allow them to stream their broadcast much more faster and clearer," Mohd Reeda said in an interview with The Brunei Times.

However, he said UBD FM will not be doing radio broadcast due to limitations of ICT at the moment.

"So what we can do is basically to increase the bandwidth at which they are streaming so they get higher quality and people can listen to them on their mobile phones. But as far as FM radio broadcast, I think that will probably be some time before we can do that," he said, adding that UBD FM will be a "full-blown" station, but broadcasting over the Internet.

He added that UBD FM will be broadcast over a higher bandwidth "probably in the next month or so".

Hjh Anis Faudzulani said during the interview that the project will take UBD FM a step towards becoming an independent and more popular radio station.

"We would like them to become independent, still under UBD...with the advice and guidance from UBDand TelBru," she added.

Both Mohd Reeda and Hjh Anis Faudzulani said that an internship programme with TelBru , which will be open for students starting in January next year, will follow after the UBD FM.

Hjh Anis Faudzulani hopes that the MoU would provide a platform for both organisations to explore ways to promote educational and academic exchange through student internships, study opportunities in the forms of seminars, workshops and conferences.

On the side of TelBru, Mohd Reeda said that the MoU provides a "two-fold" advantage of exposing the telecommunication corporation to their future customers as well as future employees.

"For TelBru, we realise these students will graduate and they will get jobs, so they will be our future customers and we are trying to get their mind share while they are still in university and get them to see the branding is there," he said. "The other thing of course is talent spotting as well, so they could be our future employees as well."

He is hopeful that the MoU and internship programme would open the doors for opportunities for students to consider a career in the private sector.

They added that the MoU sought to achieve common objectives in line with the national vision ofWawasan Brunei 2035 to create a knowledge society.

"We are talking about the younger generation is operating within this whole memorandum understanding. That's the main goal...that we are producing the right kind of youth, holistic in the sense of academics," said Hjh Anis Faudzulani.

Mohd Reeda added that the MoU sought to ensure that the students will gain knowledge and experience to be "business-savvy" and "entrepreneurial".

"The university is expecting these people to become independent, in order to do that they need to be able to sustain some sort of revenue and in order to do that they need to be able to do business," he said.
Courtesy: The Brunei Times

UBDFM is a great platform for learners who plan to venture into national radio broadcast. Albeit the lack of facilities and equipment UBDFM is able to reach the public through the internet of which has higher (online) media consumers. Despite being a learning ground UBDFM is still capable to catch up the likes of other local broadcasters and giving its listeners the best quality given.

Nevertheless UBDFM also provides opportunity for its DJs and crew to develop skills in fields of leadership, communication, management and marketing. Hence equipping its members with abilities which can be put to use for their future employment.


We would like to thank the listeners and supporters who have been staying with us through ups and downs. Being the first radio station to run by students, UBDFM hopes to grow and thrive so as to provide better streaming radio station we could ever give to you all. In light with this we hope the best and success for UBDFM in the continuing days ahead.

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