We are now at The Core!

As you all know, UBD FM is moving to the new studio at The Core since Monday night. Subsequently we have to go off air from 7pm last Monday until now. For the past few weeks we approached different companies to renovate the rooms and now it's furnished with modern furniture, carpet and blinds. Although most of our equipment are already set up we have yet to wait for the network to be installed before we resume on air.

Comparing to our previous venue, we have a smaller office functioning also as the lounge but a bigger studio. This will be efficient to hold talk shows, interviews and whatnot as people are able to move around freely. The studio will also be the best place to take pictures because of the themed walls. We have a stretched wall of glass so that outsiders can see how the DJs work their magic. However we have to hold the show until we can officially go on air. As of now the room is covered with blinders. With that, we are sorry that we can't provide pictures of the current studio and office. But perhaps we can let you visualize this; black, purple, silver, gray, comfy, cozy, romantic, modern and COLD! Yes, it's freezing cold in here! We have huge air-conditioners both in the small office and big studio. Albeit the temperature we are beyond happy to be settling down at our new home. We really can't wait to share this to the public because the place is fab!

So for now bear with us as this is also a good opportunity for us to organize and do maintenance in our system. Thus you can get a better experience listening to UBD FM.

On another note, there's a new convenience store called The Fresh Barn just next to the food court at The Core. It's about time we have one! It's quite convenient for students living at the residential college and hostels as they supply cooking oil, packets of french fries, sausages, canned food, toiletries, biscuits, ice creams and many more! Nevertheless it's open to public too. The store is open from am until 10pm.

Till then, watch this space and ciao!


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