And what has been happening here on UBDFM? Part Deux.

Also that weekend itself, the UBD FM SMARTER Race and Bazaar was held. From the 25th to the 27th March, a myriad of activities, fun and games were organised and lots of great food outlets were set up at the UBD Sports Complex. All proceeds of the UBD FM SMARTER went to the SMARTER Brunei, so it was definitely WHOLESOME FUN for a greater cause.

The UBD FM SMARTER Race culminated on a Sunday, and it had a great turnout with all the 25 participating teams up for each and every action-packed challenge. Kudos of course to the volunteering clubs that helped prepare each and every AWESOME obstacles in the UBD FM SMARTER Race.

Once again, we'd like to congratulate the 1st Place winners of the UBD FM SMARTER Race - The A Team! 2nd Place Winners - Superfly, and Team Courage for placing third!

The awarding ceremony saw performances from the talented kids of SMARTER Brunei.

Not to forget, we'd like to thank artist Hill Zaini, bands Kamaloco, The Kidney Farm, A Band Once and Rika for the the amazing performances at the UBD FM SMARTER Bazaar.

And before this turns into a long essay, we're also proud to have interviewed local artist Nurul and the RBC Sous hef Yoshinobu Nakamura and Ivy Chong (Public Relations) for the Japanese Food Festival

So, that's about it for the backtracking. As for the new events coming up, well, we're proud to bring you back THINKING THOUGHTS. In collaboration with eBunda Cafe (BAG Networks), the session interview will discuss on the topic of 'Reality Online Business in Brunei, with focus in Women'. The discussion will be a panel between Farhanna Pura (Na-Forrer online boutique), Vicki Chong (Orchid Row) and Sharifah Robani Hussain Assagaf (Bunny Pablo), facilitated by Rozana Yunos from BAG Networks. Make sure you tune in to hear yet another intellectual discussion.

Last but not the least, here is to streaming that works pretty well on all iOS Devices! Big thanks to @TheWheatfor always sharing his technical expertise 8) Happy streaming UBDfm!