And what has been happening here on UBDFM? Part Une.

Hey folks! Our student-based radio station has decided we'll be giving you updates every now and then. Hopefully this shall suffice with telling you about the past events and giving you insights on occasions that will happen in the future - just in case you still haven't gotten enough of information and updates from our facebook fan page or twitter.

So, the past two weeks had been a WHIRLWIND of wonders for UBD FM (despite the busy academic schedule that we're all having prior to the end-of-semester examinations).

UBDfm was recently invited to the pre-event dinner by @BruneiTweet, one of the organisers of @TwestivalBrunei.

It was definitely ChowDown Challenge with sushi having different amounts of WASABI inside them.

Our very own DJ Angel emerged victorious with a record time of chowing down a plateful of sushi in less than two minutes.

Our student deejays and crews had the opportunity to mingle with the local Internet Personalities, renowned deejays from the local radio stations and other members of the media, who were present at the social gathering, too.

The Brunei Times Features Writer Nasroul with Thanis Lim of FoodPage Brunei

Freelance photographer from UBD, Jayden

For those of you who have no idea on what the Twestival is about- well, it's an offline gathering of online twitter users, which was held globally on the 24th March 2011. Twestival was aimed for a cause and locally, Twestival Brunei's "Tweet. Meet. Eat and Give" supported the Children's Development Centre.

all smiles from anakbrunei

On the Twestival Event itself, UBD FM became the main radio station that covered the event with DJ Billy and DJ Rara as emcees. Just like the pre-event dinner, three of our UBDfm Deejays - Angel, Billy and Rara, were game for the Man vs Food Challenge. Everybody definitely screamed ice cream for a good cause.

kurapak vs ice cream

Other than the Twestival Brunei, UBD FM was also busy advocating 2011's Earth Hour. Held on the 26th of March, UBD FM hosted an interview prior to the event.

Representatives from the non-profit organisation Earth Hour Brunei Azahar Yaakub and Rafidah HT were present at the studio to talk about the campaign against climate change with DJ Madison.

On the event itself, UBD FM Deejays and Crews were invited by The Brunei Hotel for their Earth Hour Celebration. The Earth Hour International Buffet Dinner was a mellow symbolic celebration with a UBD FM tree collecting Earth Hour pledges. Lastly, being committed to Earth Hour, UBD FM online stream was cut off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm that Saturday.

UBD FM celebrating Earth Hour, photo credits to RanoAdidas

This earth hour, go BEYOND THE HOUR! take a stand against drastic climate change. It's the little everyday things that we do. Together, it makes a difference!

More updates on the UBD FM happenings in the second post! = )