UBD FM Info Booth/Pre-Registration for UBD FM Crew and Deejay

Come down to the CLT Foyer today and tomorrow for the UBD FM Info Booth!

UBD FM will be displaying information about past activities and to answer any questions you may have about UBD's own radio station. Here's your chance to meet with the deejays and crew in person and also to get free goodies! You can also pre-register for the audition at our booth.

There will be performances by UBD talents namely:

Have a Safe Fall

Nizam 'Kool'
Nis Masri
Billah & Eddie gordo
Yas Undergrip
Have a Safe Fall

Auditions for UBD FM crew and deejay will be held 19th January, 2010 at the ETC Building. Hope to see you at our exhibition and enjoy the performances! Bring your friends along!


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