Technical Team
  • You need to be knowledgeable or have basic knowledge of computer system
  • Have basic knowledge of how Audio Mixer works and its functions
  • Able to connect a system (PC) to another system (Mixer)
  • Ability to identify different types of cables
  • Knowledge on using audio software
Publicity and PR Team
  • Prepare/edit/design organisational publications for internal and external audiences including dissemination of posters.
  • Willing to go out and search for sponsors and prospective clients
  • Able to liaise oneself with artist’s managers or UBD FM guests
  • Plan and direct development and communication of informational programs to maintain favourable public and stockholder perceptions of an organisation's accomplishments and agenda.
  • Arrange public appearances, events, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness and to promote goodwill.
  • Plan and conduct market and public opinion research to test products or determine potential for product success, communicating results to client or management.
  • Able to plan and publicise syndicated shows by UBD FM.
  • To provide media coverage of UBD FM events.
Music Team
  • Able to record and create promotional jingles for UBD FM
  • Sort out music files that are installed in the streaming system
  • To check the quality of songs sent by artists to be released and played on UBD FM
  • Have a basic knowledge and able to utilise audio and recording software
News Team
  • Able to work independently to search for news
  • Liaise with UBD faculty and head of clubs and student bodies to obtain information
  • Aware of current affairs and to provide information for the deejays
  • Regularly updating the blog with news
Internet Administrators
  • Able to work independently to update UBD FM's online accounts regularly
  • Ensuring technical aspects e.g. internet connection, streaming etc