5th batch auditions for UBD FM

Saturday, January 22, 2011

UBD FM went on its search for its new batch of talents on January 19, 2011, by holding auditions and interviews for DJs and crew members.

In addition to the voices that would fill the station's airwaves, the one-day event at the Electronic Teaching Centre (ETC) in UBD was to also discover other talented individuals who had a knack for public relations, IT, design and audio creativity.

A total of 12 hopeful DJs for Malay and English languages showed up after registering previously online while others decided on the day itself to give it a try. But nothing could have prepared them for a panel made up of six RTB DJs seated before them. They tested each applicant and shared their expectations and experiences with them.

While some were turned away due to lack of confidence, others were favoured for their distinct personality and creativity.

In another room, eight newscasters-to-be tried their luck while 16 potential crew members tried their best to prove why they deserve to be a part of UBD FM.

Assistant Head of Marketting, Mohd Jazmi Hj Mohd Hj Kamel pointed out that UBD FM Already has an existing team of 19 DJs which also include two students who are currently studying abroad.

He explained that they go on air when they are back for the holidays. But because very few stay on in their fourth year, he hopes that the audition will be able to snag at least five new DJs.

The 21-year old 2nd year Sociology and Anthropology student pointed out that on top of online advertisements, UBD FM also set up a booth in the Central Lecture Theatre (CLT), even drawing attention to their upcoming auditions using live performances.

Mohd Jazmi said that UBD FM currently has an estimated listenership of 2,000 from those who pick up the frequency in UBD itself as well as those that listen through Internet streaming.

Khalil Kashfi, who is in his third year was in the group when UBD FM first began in 2009. Now, Student Director, he pointed out that they started small and worked with what they had at the time. He was referring to UBD students themselves who are considered a resource that they successfully utilised. "UBD people are very talented," he said with a smile.

As the first Bruneian university-based station, he expressed hope that UBD FM would be able to "go all the way", changing the perception of the university and showing everybody that it too has a fun campus life.

After being shortlisted, successful candidates will be interviewed further before final decisions are made to the new additions to the UBD FM team.

The Brunei Times


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